Wednesday, April 27, 2011

iStream - uStream

Last night I had an opportunity to share many aspects of streaming live video for about 20 educators who had gathered from around the province. Thanks to those of you who were able to attend - and thanks to Manitoba Teacher's Society for hosting this gathering :-)

I was asked to share some links and resources that were discussed and highlighted throughout the evening. While this may not be a comprehensive list, you'll find many of those materials listed below:

First of all, here's a copy of the presentation slides that guided our conversation and demonstrations:
And here are links to several of the resources that were shared and discussed:

MB Edubloggercon - This 2007 preSAG event was one of my first experiences broadcasting an event for a virtual audience.

Awakening Possibilities - This was our 2008 preSAG event and it built upon the previous year's event. A combination of live and virtual presenters were streamed live to a global audience.

TEDxManitoba - A great example of the power of streaming live video to incorporate a virtual audience.

K12 Online Conference - An amazing resource for educators with five years worth of archived presentations of a range of topics related to infusing technology across grade ranges and curricular areas.

uStream - One of the free and easy tool that was demonstrated throughout the evening.

Livestream - The other free and easy tool that was featured as a means of connecting with a virtual audience.

Create Faire - This workshop was presented in front of a live audience of about 250 educators and students in Winnipeg and was also broadcast live over the internet to encourage virtual participation.

Today's Meet - Create your own chat room in seconds to provide participants with an opportunity to reflect on the content that is being shared, shares links & resources or push back on the thoughts and opinions being shared by the presenters. Harness the power of back-channel conversations with your live streamed events :-)

I really appreciated the opportunity to get together with a room full of people interested in tapping into the power of broadcasting content over the web. Thanks for being such an enthusiastic, inquisitive and receptive audience!

If you have further questions related to the tools that were discussed or just want to chat about how you can livestream an upcoming event, please feel free to get in touch with me :-)

Andy McKiel
andy [at] mckiel [dot] ca


Chris Minarik said...

Sorry I missed the event but I appreciate that you have shared your information here with us!

I was lucky enough to attend Create.Faire which was an absolutely great day!

Thank you for all that you do for the Ed Tech community!

Andy McKiel said...

Thanks for the kind words, Chris :-)

There's a nice equilibrium in place - I take a lot from the ed tech community around the province (& beyond) and I try to give back whenever I can...