Monday, January 19, 2009

'Getting Connected'

Getting Connected

What does it mean to have your own professional learning network?
How can you start building your own circle of experts?
Find out what it takes by 'Getting Connected'...

Getting Connected takes place 6:30pm - 7:30pm on January 29th in M.E.C.Y.'s Professional Learning Lab (1567 Dublin, Winnipeg).

Your hosts, John Evans & Andy McKiel, will show you how easy it is to get connected with other like-minded educators. Participants will be introduced to two social networking tools (Twitter & Diigo) that will help you get connected. There is no cost to attend this event, but registration is limited to 30 participants. Everyone who participates is guaranteed to get connected.

Please register early to avoid disappointment.

E-mail to register...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fun & Games @ our January TIN

Created with the Big Huge Labs' Motivational Poster Flickr Toy...
Image: 'Alan and Susanna' -

On behalf of the ManACE Board, I'd like to thank all those educators who participated in our recent Technology Information Night (TIN) held in M.E.C.Y.'s Professional Learning Lab. We appreciate your willingness to brave such extreme elements for the opportunity to share ideas and resources with like-minded educators from around the province.

And the pizza was good, too :-)

Over the last couple of years, ManACE has been looking at ways that we can find a larger audience for professional learning opportunities we provide. One result of this is that we've begun to archive content from our TIN presentations so that those who aren't able to attend in person can still review some of the relevent information. Please visit the 'Technology Nights' page on the ManACE website to find out what you've missed from previous TIN events...

In addition to sharing these resources, we'd like to make some content available through the ManACE Memos blog as well. So, feel free to click on the link below to view a click-able slide show from my 'Into The Atmosphir' presentation about the role of video games in the classroom:

Into The Atmosphir
(BTW, you can right click this link to download and share the slideshow)

For more information about the 'Girls in Gaming' program that was shared by Reyn Redekopp, check out the Girls in Gaming blog.

And if you're looking for a variety of tools that your students can use to manipulate digital images to create content, check out the Flickr Toys & More page of John Evans' wiki for examples and links to all of the resources that he shared during his hands-on presentation.

If you missed this Winnipeg TIN, mark your calendars for the next Winnipeg TIN event, taking place the evening of Wednesday, March 13th, 2009. More details will follow in the coming weeks.

Lastly, mark your calendars for January 29th. Within the next couple of days, you can check back here to find details of our next ManACE sponsored event - Getting Connected...

Please feel free to leave us a note :-)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 13th TIN: Fun & Games

ManACE TIN Night: Fun & Games
Please join us on January 13th, 2009:
3 sessions + dinner = $5
Why not?

Girls In Gaming
Presented by: Reyn Redekopp
Girls in Gaming is currently a Technical-Vocational Demonstration Project designed to inform girls about the gaming and new media careers in Manitoba (and beyond). It grew out of a MindSet project and now incorporates both a rural and Winnipeg component. Schools are invited to send teams of up to five girls to the sessions which include art, story, game design and programming. Currently we have twelve schools and approximately 40 girls involved and have received great support from the new media community in Manitoba.

Into The Atmosphir
Presented by: Andy McKiel
There is a growing body of research that merits the use of video games in the classroom. This session will highlight some of the ways that educators are using video games to engage their students. Playing video games nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving skills in your students. However, designing video and sharing games is an excellent way to encourage collaboration and communication among students. Find out how you can take advantage of Atmosphir in your classroom. This free and easy video game design platform will have your students instantly hooked on designing their own unique video games.

Flickr Toys & More
Presented by: John Evans
This hands-on session will walk participants through a number of engaging activities that can be used to create original content with digital photographs. Many teachers are beginning to embrace different forms of digital storytelling, and this session will introduce many creative and simple ways that you and your students can share your stories through photo activities. If you're looking for original ways to publish some of the photos captured in your classroom, you won't want to miss this session!

Tuesday, January 13th @ 5:30 p.m.

Manitoba Education Citizenship & Youth
1567 Dublin Avenue, Winnipeg
Professional Learning Lab
*information about parking will be e-mailed to registered participants on Monday, January 12th*

$5.00, to cover the cost of dinner (pizza and salad)

How do I register?
*please register ASAP so that we can plan accordingly*

We hope to see you at our upcoming TIN :-)