Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 SEED Grant Winners

Henry G. Izatt Middle School - 2012 SEED Grant Recipient

The ManACE Board is pleased to announce some of the recipients of our 2012 SEED Grants. Each of these schools is being awarded $1200.00 to pursue their creativity & innovation through the use of technology infusion within their schools & communities.

Early Years (K-4) Category
Lord Wolseley School

Middle Years (5-8) Category
Henry G. Izatt Middle School

Senior Years (9-12) Category
St. John's-Ravenscourt School

You'll find out more about each of these award recipients and their winning projects through blog posts, presentations, journal articles and more in the weeks and months ahead.

If you've already submitted a ManACE SEED Grant proposal and you didn't win - there's still hope! All of the submissions will still be considered for the final round of ManACE's 2012 SEED Grants.

If you haven't yet submitted a ManACE SEED Grant proposal (and you're a Manitoba teacher), you've only got until April 3rd to apply - all details can be found on the ManACE website.

St. John's-Ravenscourt School - 2012 SEED Grant Recipient

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another ManACE TIN - April 18th in Winnipeg

The ManACE Board is pleased to announce plans for another upcoming Technology Information Night. Anyone is welcome to attend this event (you do not need to be a ManACE member), so please help us to spread the word...

For only $5 you get pizza, salad & refreshments, the chance to network with colleagues from various Manitoba school divisions, and the opportunity to take in three great presentations first-hand! Here is the line-up for our next TIN, taking place 5:30 - 7:30pm on Wednesday, April 18th at Sargent Park School in Winnipeg:

Building Broader Minds with 'Bee-Bots'
Presented by: Kathy Routhier, Winnipeg School Division
Many educators have begun to explore the use of robotics with students of all ages. Some robot hardware & software packages can be expensive to implement in classrooms. Others can come with too steep of a learning curve to appeal to younger students. But not Bee-Bots! Find out how Bee-Bots can challenge your student's problem-solving and inquiry skills.

Teaching in a BYOD Environment
Presented by: Roy Norris, Louis Riel School Division
How would classroom teaching and learning change if your students were told they could "Bring Your Own Device"? What if this wasn't just an opportunity - it was an expectation? What would you do differently as a teacher to provide meaningful opportunities for your students to leverage the power of the devices they bring to school with them? This presentation, by a Grade 9 teacher involved with Dakota Collegiate's BYOD program, will address some of the opportunities & challenges encountered as Dakota Collegiate has broken new ground with their BYOD initiative this year.

 #DS106 - The ABC's of Digital Storytelling
Presented by: Brian Metcalfe, Life-Long-Learner
Are you interested in powerful, creative ideas and activities to enhance your day-to-day teaching? If so, you need to learn more about a free, 15 week digital storytelling MOOC (massive, open online course) known as DS106. Participants, who enroll in this first year university course, are expected to engage in the learning process through creating, commenting and reflecting within their own blog. However, through sharing first-hand experiences and providing highlights of daily creative challenges and assignments in photography, audio and video formats, it is hoped that the audience will see the potential for adapting many of these creative projects to engage their own K-12 students.

This ManACE TIN will be held at Sargent Park School, 1070 Dominion Street in Winnipeg. Please register to attend so that we can plan accordingly :-)

We look forward to seeing you April 18th...