Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 SEED Grant Winners - Early Years

We had a fantastic response to this year's ManACE SEED Grant program!  Although there were many great project proposals in each of the four SEED Grant categories, we could only choose two projects as this year's SEED Grant recipients in each of the four categories: Early Years, Middle Years, Senior Years and School-based Projects.  After a great deal of deliberation, the judging committee has selected the recipients for this year's SEED Grants.

Altogether, ManACE has allocated $7200 to this year's SEED Grant recipients and we look forward to sharing the success of these creative and innovative projects in our journal, on this blog and through professional learning opportunities that ManACE hosts throughout the province of Manitoba over the next several months.

Throughout the next few weeks, each of this year's ManACE SEED Grant recipients will be featured here, one category at a time.


Congratulations to Erin Malkoske, Jeff Hoeppner and their Dr. FWL Hamilton School & Radisson School students in River East Transcona School Division!  Their #eduphotoaday project is an Instagram photo challenge for kids and teachers. They're creating a monthly photo challenge using Instagram, where each day, participants will be given a different word or theme, and take a photo that represents it. Participating students and teachers will be encouraged to look at other classroom's photos, and to use them as ideas for creative writing. They will encourage students to share their writing via Instagram comments, comments on their blog, or sharing a link to where their writing can be found online (i.e. classroom blogs, Kidblogs, etc.). They already have classrooms from Early Years to Senior Years that have committed to participating and connecting students across all grade levels, both from inside and outside the city of Winnipeg. To find out more about their project or to become involved with the #eduphotoaday challenge, please visit their blog at:

We Are Canadian

Congratulations to Lorie Garcia and her students at Mary Montgomery School in Fort la Bosse School Division!  Their project involves Grade 4 students conducting interviews with schoolmates, friends, teachers, relatives and neighbours about what it means to be Canadian. They will encourage sharing of immigration stories, past and present, how it feels to be Canadian and how families and individuals celebrate Canadian pride.This project has a tie in to their Skype project and it will foster the development of 21st century learning skills.