Friday, November 21, 2008

preSAG @ Red River College - Princess Campus

The location of 'Awakening Possibilities', our 2008 preSAG event, has finally been confirmed.

We hope to see you next Thursday evening in Room P107 at Red River College's Princess Street Campus.

Come and learn about the benefits of blogging, featuring both live presentations (Clarence Fisher, John Evans, Chris Harbeck and Darren Kuropatwa) and virtual presentations (Kathy Cassidy, Alec Couros, Dean Shareski and Jeff Utecht).

'Awakening Possibilities' is a free event and everyone is welcome to attend. Please register soon so that we can plan the food/refreshments accordingly. There will also be a cash bar available during the event.

The following .pdf contains all of the details about registering for this year's preSAG event:


We hope to see you there,
Andy McKiel
ManACE Board Chair

Sunday, November 16, 2008

'Awakening Possibilities'

It's almost here :-)

Click on the following picture to find out more about 'Awakening Possibilities'...

If you'll be near Winnipeg on November 27th, the evening before the 2008 SAG Conferences, we invite you to join us in person for 'Awakening Possibilities'. This unique event will feature many short presentations by leading edubloggers from around the province, and around the world. While some presentations will be delivered in person at the event, other presenters will join us virtually.

More information can be found at the 'Awakening Possibilities' wiki.

Please help us to spread the word about this year's preSAG event by sending the following .pdf to everyone you know who may be interested in this event :-) There is no cost to attend, and everyone is welcome...


To register, please e-mail Andy McKiel:
We hope to see you there :-)

Feel free to leave us a note,

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Morphing the MB Edubloggercon

ManACE is offering a full slate of presentations at the upcoming Manitoba Teacher's Society SAG (Special Area Group) Day. If you are a Manitoba teacher and you haven't signed up to attend any SAG sessions yet, you may want to consider registering online for one of the many sessions being offered by ManACE.

ManACE traditionally hosts a preSAG social event to provide an opportunity for like-minded educators to network and share their innovative and creative ideas. Last year's ManACE preSAG event, the Manitoba Edubloggercon, proved what can happen when many curious minds come together in this manner. All of the presentations from last year's MB Edubloggercon are still archived and available for viewing through uStream.

Last fall, the MB Edubloggercon created quite a buzz across the blogosphere and we look forward to morphing the concept behind this event into something equally innovative on November 27th, 2008. Stay tuned for more details, or leave us a comment to influence the content and/or format of this event :-)

Feel free to leave us a note...