Thursday, November 6, 2008

Morphing the MB Edubloggercon

ManACE is offering a full slate of presentations at the upcoming Manitoba Teacher's Society SAG (Special Area Group) Day. If you are a Manitoba teacher and you haven't signed up to attend any SAG sessions yet, you may want to consider registering online for one of the many sessions being offered by ManACE.

ManACE traditionally hosts a preSAG social event to provide an opportunity for like-minded educators to network and share their innovative and creative ideas. Last year's ManACE preSAG event, the Manitoba Edubloggercon, proved what can happen when many curious minds come together in this manner. All of the presentations from last year's MB Edubloggercon are still archived and available for viewing through uStream.

Last fall, the MB Edubloggercon created quite a buzz across the blogosphere and we look forward to morphing the concept behind this event into something equally innovative on November 27th, 2008. Stay tuned for more details, or leave us a comment to influence the content and/or format of this event :-)

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