Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Contest...

ManACE Developing Technology Contest


To support Manitoba school-based projects that promote educational endeavours with schools in developing areas through the use of technology.


ManACE will award up to six $1,000.00 prizes to Manitoba schools who present the best ideas for using the money to assist a school in a developing area in the use of technology. There will be up to two prizes awarded at each of three levels - K-4, 5-8, 9-12 if there are sufficient acceptable entries.

ManACE seeks to inspire students and teachers to use technology to reach out to others and to find ways to assist students and teachers who do not have good access to technology.

Schools must produce a short (max 5 min) video or online presentation explaining their project.

So basically:

Connect with a school in a developing place. Decide what that school needs. Then negotiate and get to know the people at the school, the other kids. Come up with a compelling argument and put it in a multimedia format Put together the package for selling this concept to the panel.

* ManACE reserves the right to showcase the winning projects.


Schools who wish to enter will either:

- Design a project to partner with another school in a developing area to find best ways to support their development.
- Present a project that the school has already begun which meet the criteria of this contest.


Entries will be judged on the basis of:

Project (70%)
- Impact
- Sustainability
- Budget
- Practicality
- Evidence of support from receiving school and or other organization - can be a written submission
- Process - outline/description of project

Presentation (30%)
- Creativity/Originality
- Copyright free images, clips, sound and music
- Clear idea of the project
- Compelling promotion of the project {demonstrates need, appropriateness, feasibility, etc)

Presentations must use only free or Creative Commons images and music and other materials, pass school and divison policies.

Judging will be done by a panel of educators and non-educators.


Applications must include:
1. A document that states:
- Name of school and division
- Name of lead teacher
- Name and location of partner school(including a main contact)
- School divisional policies met
- A brief description of the project and how the partner school needs were determined
- Budget
- Plan of action
2. A student-created multimedia presentation (max five minutes) that explains and promotes the project
3. Adminstrator's Signature


Entries must be submitted by midnight of Wednesday, April 28, 2010.

Results will be announced by May 13, 2010.


Jo-Anne Gibson said...

Great to see that your contest has come to fruition. I'm not sure I completely understand what you're looking for. We're not going to chose a project that our own school would like or has been working on but something another school would like to do or is already doing? Perhaps some examples might be necessary to get what you're looking for across to potential participants.

Andy McKiel said...

Joanne - thanks for your interest in this contest and for the valuable feedback :-) You're right, some examples could provide more clarification regarding the kinds of submissions that we're looking for... we'll be posting more information regarding this contest to the ManACE website very soon!