Friday, October 2, 2009

ManACE SAG Sessions

If you're a teacher in Manitoba and you haven't yet registered to attend one of the Special Area Group (SAG) Conferences on October 23rd, please consider registering for one of our ManACE SAG Sessions.

All of our session information is available online, and ManACE is also one of the few SAG groups that offers the convenience of online registration :-)

We're offering a wide range of sessions this year, including digital photography, the use of interactive whiteboards, and Flash action-scripting. Sessions are filling up quickly, so please register early to avoid disappointment!

Stay tuned to the ManACE Memos blog to learn more about an exciting 'postSAG' event taking place in early November - details to be released soon ;-)

Please feel free to leave us a note,
The ManACE Board

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