Monday, December 8, 2008

Something Uplifting - post SAG

Image: 'Thank You!' -

Thanks to all educators around the province of Manitoba who chose to participate in a ManACE SAG session on November 28th, 2008. We trust that you attended an interesting and informative session, and that you walked away with new knowledge and resources to utilize in your own classrooms.

Thanks, also, to those who attended 'Awakening Possibilities' the evening before SAG. Interestingly enough, the virtual participation at this event outnumbered face to face participation by about 2-1. What does that say about the increasing role of technology in education today? A special thanks again to all of our many presenters, each of whom challenged us to open our eyes to the possibilities that currently exist. Each of the presentations from the Awakening Possibilities event has been archived and all presentations can be viewed on this page of the wiki: The Archives

Now that SAG 2008 has come and gone, ManACE is preparing to offer several Winter Workshops for our members. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for possible ManACE Winter Workshops, please feel free to leave us a comment :-)

The ManACE Board

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