Friday, February 14, 2014

TIN Week in Manitoba

Manitoba Association for Computing Educators (ManACE) is pleased to announce our very first 'TIN Week in Manitoba'!  2014 marks the first time we've offered three great Technology Information Nights (TINs) in one week leading up to the 2014 BYTE Conference in Neepawa.

All three TIN Week in Manitoba events are free to attend and everyone is welcome to join us! Not only will you get to see three great presentations in Brandon, Winnipeg and/or Neepawa, but you'll also get pizza & salad, a chance to network with educators from several Manitoba school divisions and a chance to win some prizes!  

Visit the links below for full details and registration:

February 25th in Brandon -

February 26th in Winnipeg -

February 27th in Neepawa -

We hope to see you at one or more of our TIN Week in Manitoba events!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

ManACE TIN - November 13th in Winnipeg

Manitoba Association for Computing Educators (ManACE) is pleased to announce our next Technology Information Night (TIN), taking place at 6:00pm on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 in the PSDC Auditorium, 150 Moray Street in Winnipeg.  

This event is free to attend and everyone's welcome to join us!  Not only will you get to see three great presentations, but you'll also get pizza & salad, the ability to network with educators from several Manitoba school divisions and a chance to win some prizes!  

We've got a fantastic line-up for this ManACE TIN:

Facilitated by Zoe Bettess
A growing number of educators have come to realize that Twitter can serve as one of the most important tools in their professional learning toolbox.  But you don't have to follow hundreds of people on Twitter to find value in using it.  You just have to follow a hashtag to subscribe to the thoughts and ideas of like-minded educators.  Zoe Bettess will Skype in from Thompson, Manitoba to highlight #MBedchat, a great new platform for Manitoba educators to connect and collaborate on Twitter! 

Facilitated by Erin Clarke & Jeff Hoeppner
A few months ago, Erin & Jeff launched the #eduphotoaday Instagram challenge for teachers, students and classrooms.  Throughout May and June, dozens of classrooms from around the province (and beyond) participated by sharing thousands of photos based on daily themes.  The #eduphotoaday Instagram Challenge is underway once again with a different theme each day in November.  Find out how easy it is for you and your students to participate in the action! 

Flat Classroom - Global Youth Debates
Facilitated by Eva Brown & Red River College Students
Sustainability is an issue that's been at the forefront of education in Manitoba over the last several years.  Through the Flat Classroom's 'Global Youth Debates' (formerly called Eracism), students in classrooms around the world are coming together virtually to debate issues relating to sustainability.  Eva Brown and a number of her Business/Technology students at RRC are taking on a leadership role with this year's Global Youth Debates.  Through this presentation, you'll find out more about this project and how Eva and her students have become so integrally involved!

Please register to attend so that we can plan accordingly.

Hope to see you at our next TIN :-)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

School-based SEED Grant Winners

Congratulations to Ecole Riverside (Mystery Lake SD) and Buchanan School (St. James-Assiniboia SD) for being selected as the recipients of our 2013 SEED Grants in the School-based category!

 Our Books are QR Coded!

--> Kindergarten students and their Grade 7 reading buddies will be creating book reviews using iPad mini's and audioboo. They will then create QR codes and put them on the books in our school library so everyone in their school can listen to reviews and then over time add their own. 

300 Voices of the Drum

This project is a joint venture with Hedges Middle School (St. James-Assiniboia SD) where drum bases will be produced. Community volunteers will assist each student assemble their own personal, authentic hand drum.  Creating one rhythmic voice from 300 hundred Aboriginal drums being played.  This project will involve the use of technology to enhance the 300 hundred drums playing simultaneously and create an artifact of learning that can be shared digitally.  

Friday, May 31, 2013

Senior Years SEED Grant Recipients

Congratulations to Westdale School (Pembina Trails SD) and Sisler High School (Winnipeg SD) for being selected as the recipients of our 2013 SEED Grants in the Senior Years category!

Capturing Change

Click the image above to view their video submission... 

Jerrold Wiebe and his students are purchasing five trail cameras and one time lapse camera in order to discover the environment around their school.  By using technology, they plan on using the trail cameras to create a digital trapline to further investigate the wildlife in their area and the time lapse camera to view changes in nature that are often unnoticed.

Youth 2 Youth

Jamie Leduc and his students are collaborating with groups of students from 2 other schools to teach each other 21st century skills while creating game-based web (and android) app.  Students are developing an international sustainable development arcade-based game/app.  Students involved are from Winnipeg, Kampala (Uganda) and Philadelphia (USA).  Students are using Facebook, Skype, Stencyl and the Adobe Master Collection to create the game.  To learn more about this project, please visit the Y Squared group page on Facebook.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Middle Years SEED Grant Recipients

Congratulations to Henry G. Izatt Middle School (Pembina Trails SD) and Strathcona Elementary School (Winnipeg SD) for being selected as the recipients of our Middle Years ManACE SEED Grants for this year!

Inviting Student Voice - Student EdCamp

click image to download and view video

Congratulations to Mrs. Nicholauson and her students at Henry G. Izatt Middle School!  The Student Technology Leaders from Henry G. Izatt Middle School have presented at nine schools and five administrative meetings in Pembina Trails and at other venues in the city. This team of students have developed understanding, skill and an ability to articulate “beyond their years” as they have embraced the opportunity to prepare and present on current topics - personal technology devices, technical support, digital citizenship, useful applications, inquiry based learning. 

Their intention, to grow learning capacity, to “push the boundaries of education” has led to this proposal to plan and facilitate a one day student workshop (a Student EdCamp) in the Pembina Trails School Division, to develop the dialogue between students and educators to productively impact program delivery in this 21st century.
 Values in Action

click image to view video

Congratulations to Mr. Cueto and his students at Strathcona Elementary School.  They celebrate student successes through the 7 universal values of courage, humility, honesty, love, wisdom, respect and truth.   At Strathcona, they value and focus on students to exemplify examples of that particular value and teachers acknowledge two students in their class in a whole school assembly.   

The centre piece of their assembly is a student-produced film that gives the entire school community examples of that value.  Students at Strathcona School also produce videos in different subject areas to represent their understanding of curriculum outcomes.


Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 SEED Grant Winners - Early Years

We had a fantastic response to this year's ManACE SEED Grant program!  Although there were many great project proposals in each of the four SEED Grant categories, we could only choose two projects as this year's SEED Grant recipients in each of the four categories: Early Years, Middle Years, Senior Years and School-based Projects.  After a great deal of deliberation, the judging committee has selected the recipients for this year's SEED Grants.

Altogether, ManACE has allocated $7200 to this year's SEED Grant recipients and we look forward to sharing the success of these creative and innovative projects in our journal, on this blog and through professional learning opportunities that ManACE hosts throughout the province of Manitoba over the next several months.

Throughout the next few weeks, each of this year's ManACE SEED Grant recipients will be featured here, one category at a time.


Congratulations to Erin Malkoske, Jeff Hoeppner and their Dr. FWL Hamilton School & Radisson School students in River East Transcona School Division!  Their #eduphotoaday project is an Instagram photo challenge for kids and teachers. They're creating a monthly photo challenge using Instagram, where each day, participants will be given a different word or theme, and take a photo that represents it. Participating students and teachers will be encouraged to look at other classroom's photos, and to use them as ideas for creative writing. They will encourage students to share their writing via Instagram comments, comments on their blog, or sharing a link to where their writing can be found online (i.e. classroom blogs, Kidblogs, etc.). They already have classrooms from Early Years to Senior Years that have committed to participating and connecting students across all grade levels, both from inside and outside the city of Winnipeg. To find out more about their project or to become involved with the #eduphotoaday challenge, please visit their blog at:

We Are Canadian

Congratulations to Lorie Garcia and her students at Mary Montgomery School in Fort la Bosse School Division!  Their project involves Grade 4 students conducting interviews with schoolmates, friends, teachers, relatives and neighbours about what it means to be Canadian. They will encourage sharing of immigration stories, past and present, how it feels to be Canadian and how families and individuals celebrate Canadian pride.This project has a tie in to their Skype project and it will foster the development of 21st century learning skills.